Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winning blankets from the Wingham Show

I recently spoke about my Sophies Garden blanket 
I made it as a sample for a colour and design workshop
I held at the 2015 K4C Confab in Adelaide, South Australia.
I entered it into the Wingham NSW show and it won
first prize in the baby shawl section plus the
Stewards Award and Best piece in section.
To say I was absolutely thrilled is an understatement.

I also entered my Persian Tile blanket and it won first prize in the crochet blanket section.
They gave some lovely feedback, one thing they said
was that the wrong side was just as lovely as the front and they were impressed with how neat my ends were.
So it does pay to spend extra time on them (in my opinion)
I actually hate weaving in ends and I got eczema from the
amount of time I spent weaving them in.
 Each hexagon took half an hour to weave the ends in.
I just read this on the Persian tile facebook page
"there are 1022 ends to sew in for the whole blanket, 672 in the octagons."
Plus there would be more when sewing them together
(which is how i prefer to join) and the borders
But i think it is totally worth it.


  1. Congratulations on your two wins at the show. Both blankets are gorgeous but you are a real glutton for punishment eh ... all those ends !!!! Happy Easter to you and yours. xox

  2. Thanks Dorothy, I know i'm a glutton for punishment but i love the pattern, after my eczema was better i was even happier