Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sophies Garden

Wow, I just realised its been 5 months since my last post!
I've been busy crocheting and been quite productive.
I purchased some lovely Magic Light wool from
Ice yarns and decided to make a few
blankets using the Sophies Garden pattern.
I made 2 squares using the White/Grey/Blue/Purple
shade 33053 for premmie babies and I have 2 balls left,
it is such a soft acrylic yarn.
The first is a premmie blanket for  Little Wonder
at RPA hospital. I used only magic light, but when I
added a few extra rows of block stitch, to make it 55cm,
I used a matching purple yarn for the chain & sc rows.
For the 2nd square, I added several shades of purple
and a few extra rounds of trebles to make it 50cm.
This blanket will be for premmie babies at
Ronald McDonald house in Canberra.
I also made a larger blanket, this time using
Magic light in green pink blue purple yellow
shade 22034 (my favourite)
for the centre rounds up to round 22 and
created my own design for the extra rounds.

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