Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm back & my winning blanket

I've been away for awhile, quite a while in fact.
It all started when I was made redundant November 2013, almost 3 years after my first redundancy.
 I applied for dozens of jobs and wasn't able to find another job.
Not even the ones that called asking me to apply and interview after being recommended.
So we decided to do something on our wish list and we packed up our house and traveled around Australia in a camper trailer. We left July 2014 and moved back in 5 weeks ago.
We had such a great time, lots of learning as we went and making adjustments too.
I had a backpack of clothes for winter and another for summer, a pair of thongs
 (Aussie slang for flip flops) a pair of joggers (for walking haha) and a pair of flats for going out.
I met some great people and celebrated my 50th Birthday in Northern Territory, just hubby and I.
It was so hard deciding what to take craft wise, but I managed to smuggle a bag of wool inside
with a few hooks, needles and patterns too.
One of the items I made while travelling won second prize at the Wingham (NSW) show
I was making it for the charity K4C but I'm having trouble parting with it, I love rainbows.
It is a round ripple using the Ideal Delusions pattern,  (8ply and 4mm hook)
using whatever yarn I had on hand or  that I could purchase along the way.
I've been quite productive in the last few months, so I'm sure I be will updating soon.
 Here is a picture of the blanket. Hope you like it.

And here is our home away from home!


  1. I'd also find it hard to part with that blanket Jane.Congratulations on the show win. Sounds like you had a great time on your travels. Will you be settling back to city life again or are you planning more adventures? xox

  2. Thanks Dorothy, I'm applying for jobs again, so we will see what's happens xx