Saturday, May 18, 2013

Block of the Month MAY Version 2

This version has the flowers tacked down by completing trebles through the petals
and more of a granny look
Aprox 6 1/2 inch square
Materials required 4 mm hook, yellow, green, cream and favourite colour 8 ply wool
Aus/UK terms Thanks to Cobie for testing this pattern

Version 2
Round 1
Using yellow, ch3 & join to form a ring, ch3, 1 tr, ch1, *2 treble, ch1, Repeat from * 6 times and join, break yarn and weave in ends
Round 2
Using favourite colour, join to ch 1 space. (3tr in ch1 space, ch6 and slip stitch into side of last treble made) Repeat 7 times and join to first treble.
Round 3
slip stitch into next treble, *12 treble into next ch6 space, slip stitch into 2nd treble of 3tr group,
repeat from* around, join to beginning slip stitch.
Round 4
ch1, dc in same same slip st, ch5, working behind petals and dc into next slip stitch between petals,
ch3, *dc in next slip st, ch 5, dc in next slip st, ch3  repeat from *to end and join to beginning dc.
Round 5
slip st into ch5 space, ch3, in same space work 2tr, ch 2, 3tr (cnr), ch1 *3tr in next ch3 space, ch1
(3tr, ch2, 3tr) in next ch 5 sp, ch1,  repeat from * join to top of beginning ch3,
slip stitch to centre of corner
Round 6
Tack stitch = insert hook into a vertical stitch from behind the 6th & 7th treble in flower petal,
yarn around hook and then all stitches on the hook
*ch3 (counts as 1st tr), 2tr,  ch1, Tack stitch, ch1, 3tr (cnr) ch1, 3 treble in next ch1 sp, Tack stitch,
ch1, 3 tr in next ch1sp, ch1, repeat from * to end
join into top of beginning ch3, break yarn and weave ends in
Round 7
using green join in corner space , ch3, 2tr, ch2, 3tr (cnr) ch1
*3 treble in each ch1 space,  (3tr, ch2, 3tr) in each corner, repeat from * to end
join into top of beginning ch3, break yarn and weave ends in
Round 8
using cream, join into corner space, ch3, 2tr, ch2, 3tr (cnr)
* ch1, 3 treble in ch1 sp, ch1  (3tr, ch2, 3tr) in each corner,  repeat from * to end

Round 9
using favourite colour, join into corner ch3, 1tr, ch2, 2tr (cnr) treble in between each treble across side
(2tr, ch2, 2tr) repeat and join into top of beginning ch3
Round 10 to 11
repeat as for Round 9
Cobies' test Square

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