Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Block of the Month Requirements

Tasmanian Devil

Here are the prerequisites for the 
April Block of the Month 
that will be posted next week, over 3 days
so get your materials ready 
and we will start on Friday (fingers crossed)

Materials required, aprox 6 1/2” square, 
4mm crochet hook and wool needle, 
5 mtrs yellow, 15 mtrs cream, 9 mtrs green
& 13.5 mtrs of your favourite colour   
Dc=Double crochet Ht= Half treble Tr= Treble Dt = Double treble 
Tt= Triple treble

PPP (Petal Point Picot) = following tr, ch2, slip hook through 
top front horizontal loop of treble just formed 
AND through the front vertical loop of same treble, 
yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through 2 loops

V Stitch=(2tr, ch3, 2tr) in ch2 space
LTR= Long treble, tr into a row beneath the one you are working on
HTCT (Half Treble Crochet Tack)
=Yarn over, slip hook through 2 vertical loops on back of picot, 
then under chain & pull loop to front, yarn over & pull through all loops on hook

I'm looking forward to my first visit to Tasmania,
especially after finding this website with some fabulous photos
i'm hoping it's not too cold though.

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