Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas slippers 2012

The last few years I have made
my sister house slippers for Christmas.
She has been in Finland or UK at Christmas,
so they have been handy for her in their winter.
She likes that they are handmade and I made
them in her favourite colour........ purple. 
I also like to try out new patterns.
This year I finished off the partner for 
that I started June 2011.
I had been feeling guilty that I had
"single sock syndrome" so I pulled out
the pattern and made some changes as I
went. I undid the Kitchener stitch finish
and reworked it so it was garter stitch.
I really like this pattern as I use one pair
of continuous needles instead of 4 double pointed.
With the Turkish wrap cast on and the
kitchener stitch there are NO seams,
so they are comfy as well.
The Ribbing makes them hug the foot too.
I just realised this is the only gift I made
this year, It's been a hectic year, maybe I
should get started on next years presents!

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