Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making a difference

I want to share a blog post by Sue from UK  @ SIBOL - Sunshine International Blankets Of Love.
She does some lovely work over there
and it keeps her very busy.  She uses
the butterfly as her symbol and has
had such a fantastic response from
crafty people all over the world &
 they are so talented. They have
made close to 300 blankets in a
relatively short time. She has been
mentioned in several magazines,
some  have given a free pattern &
the address for SIBOL.
The response has been so huge
that Sue now has volunteers to
help join the squares into blankets
& has also started to accept blankets as well as squares.
 I dedicated my free stained glass butterfly pattern to her group and sent squares too.
 I thought you might be interested in reading about the reactions of some elderly people receiving some charity blankets. I worked in a Nursing home for 5 years and saw how these blankets really brightened their day. Not only are they a source of warmth and a security blanket, they are a great topic of discussion and assist with providing interaction.
The photo above is not one of their blankets, just a picture of a pattern.
 I belong to K4C & I gifted the butterfly pattern to them, they are an online yahoo group here in Australia who donate to lots of different groups,  one project that we have at the moment is making blankets for the Quakers Hill Nursing home that had a devastating fire
Go to if you would like to help out.
 It is run by Pam and since 2006 over 117,000 items have been donated to charity.
As they say "many hands make light work".
Congratulations for making a difference to so many Sue.& Pam

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Yes it was a great morning. I really appreciate this Blog Post. I'm thinking now we have a proper Butterfly Club over on RAVELRY. I'm going to suggest this pattern once again for Squares. Okay with you I'm sure.
    That Blanket is so beautiful.
    I'm glad you know how important these Blankets are to the Residents.
    I read with interest the Newspaper report,how absolutely awlful!
    Thanks so much. I'm off to link on RAV now.