Friday, July 22, 2011

On my Mind

I read Rhondas post "how low can you go" with interest.
I received a letter stating our electricity would be 
increasing and for the average household it would be
$3.57 per week.
Thankfully we have installed solar panels & are waiting
for the process to be finalised.
But we have been brainstorming of ways to save money
and I was thinking that most of them are good for
the environment too. One of the ways is to wash our clothes after 10pm when the off peak electricity is cheaper,  I struggle with this, but last night we were watching 
The Tour De France that started at 10pm and finished at 2am.  I remembered at about midnight :-) 
Today is cold and rainy and I am making pumpkin soup from a whole pumpkin that cost me about 
$2-70 and it will go a lot further than 1 can of soup. 
I'm also cooking ratatouille (which my family lovingly call rabbit pooey)  in the crockpot. 
(I use the crockpot a lot, it uses so little power) they love it with what we call Loveheart chicken 
(technically chicken schnitzel, but as you can see in the photo it does look like a love heart)


  1. Nice idea with washing during off peak Never thought of that one

  2. I'd be very interested to know the recipe for chicken schnitzel in the slow cooker. It looks good.

  3. Dorothy I pan fry the schnitzel on a gas cooktop and the ratatouille is started on the cooktop then simmered in crockpot for a few hours