Saturday, May 7, 2011

Show and tell week 18

This weeks SATurday
(Show And Tell day)
is more "Re-Joyce-ing Squares"
I'm actually quite happy with the colours
in this photo, they are quite true.
Thanks to Nicole for naming this square.
Here is her reaction when she won.

"Oh how exciting!!! 
I did enjoy making the squares, 
and I have to tell you that the family
helped with the names and every time 
we came up with another name I had to make another square! 
Then I ran out of different colour varigated, so had to stop there. 
As soon as I made "Re-Joyce-ing", that was my favourite.
( I am biased, purple is my favourite colour.  I had walked past that ball of wool so many times 
wanting it and thought no I will behave myself!!!) And then I thought why not.!!!! 
It would be perfect for your competition. Carnival Wool is wonderful with the different colours
 they have. We don't get too much choice up here.
Thank you for the competition.
Thank you for the book
I am going to LOVE looking through and making the squares also.
Take Care
yipeee yahooo!!!!
I will go and make some Re-Joyce-ing Squares to send to Kerry for her COTM blanket for knit4charity

So you can see Nicole was happy with her  win and she has emailed to say the book has arrived.
This week I started to put a border colour around each of the "Re-Joyce-ing Squares" 
More about that next week

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