Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crochet square competition

Well here are the competition details. 
As mentioned in my previous post "Grandmothers Garden", 
I was inspired to make a square in her honour. 
She was the one who taught me to knit & crochet 
and from whom I inherited a love of gardens.
I couldn't decide what to call it, so I am calling on you for help. 
To enter, all you have to do is make a square and send it with your details attached
(name, snail mail & email address and the name for your square) 
 to either myself in Australia or Sue in England (email us for our address)
( if sending to sue, please put the heading Jane's Competition)
Not only will you get a chance to name the square, but there will be a prize and you will be assisting in making a blanket for charity, (i am a member of Knit4Charities).
 To help you with your name selection, my grandmothers name was Joyce, her birthdate was 20th February 1917, and I loved picking violets for her. So here is a photo and the pattern.
© 2010 Jane Griffiths
 This is a charity pattern . 

It is provided to you free, with the hope that you will make one or more of these and send it to either myself in Australia, email me at: for my address
or to Sue from SIBOL in UK.
Email her at :

 for her address
Finished items using this or based on this pattern may NOT be sold. 

This pattern is strictly not for profit, 
NO proceeds are to be made from this pattern.This pattern may not be published on the Internet or made available for download for a charge or fee.
Feel free to link to this post or distribute this file FREE OF CHARGE *IN ITS ENTIRETY*. I.E this coloured section must be included.
Materials required (Amounts are approximate) 
8 ply wool:
40m  of main colour A (your choice) 
3m  colour B (green)
4m  colour C ( cream or white)
 4mm crochet hook   *Use the size hook you need to get the required size.
Final size of the square is aprox 15cm (6”) square.Tension is 3 rows or 4 trebles to 2.5cm (1”)
 Dtr= double treble   Tr= Treble  Ch=chain  

Chain 3 and join circle, ch 5, (1 dtr, 1 ch) 11 times and join = 12dtr ….tie off (3.5cm) 

Round 2………..USING COLOUR B (green) 
Join new colour in a chain space, ch 3, 2 tr, 2ch, 3tr in the same space 
*Ch1, (3 tr, 2ch, 3tr) in the third ch space 
Repeat  from * twice 
Ch 1 and join to top of 3ch……………Slip stitch to corner (5cm) 

Round 3……….USING COLOUR C (cream or white)
(Ch 3, 2tr, ch1, 3tr) in corner space 
*Ch1, 3tr in the next chain space, ch1, (3tr, ch1, 3tr) in corner space 
Repeat from * twice………….Join & slip stitch to corner space (7.5cm) 

Round 4…... ( CHANGE TO COLOUR A) 
(ch3, 1 tr, ch1, 2tr) in corner space……then 1 tr in between each treble 
next corner space is…………2tr 1ch 2tr, continue and join to top of 3 chain 
Join & slip stitch to corner space (9cm) 
Round 5 TO 8 is same as Round 4 using colour A . leave a 40cm tail for sewing squares together. 
Please note this competition is now closed, this square is now called the Re-Joyce-ing square....details of the winner are here


  1. I loved your butterfly square Jane, so was keen to give this one a go. Have just completed my first one but it has turned out 7" instead of 6 so I'll use it for something else and drop a size hook for my next one. I did use a 4.25mm hook though as I was too lazy to go find my 4.00 hook !! This is a very pretty square. When I get my size right, I'll send a few to you. Thanks for another lovely pattern.

  2. Wow that was quick Dorothy,
    I was worried when you said it turned out 7",
    I hope it will be the right size with a 4mm hook.
    I'm glad you like this square, as well as liking the butterfly square, no embroidery in this one!

  3. This is a lovely idea. I will give it a go too. Best wishes and butterfly hugs, Ames

  4. A very nice Square, a very nice idea Jayne.

  5. Thanks Ames. hope you enjoy making it.
    And thanks also to sue, I hope you receive lots of lovely squares

  6. I'll give that one a go Jane, such a lovely way to remember your Grandma. I love violets too :-)

  7. Hello Jane, Ive made the square and my tension is the same as yours in the trebles ie 3 rows or 4 tr = 2.5cm but I only have up to row 7 and it is 6 inches....are you a fairly tight crocheter?? That could be taken as a cheeky question or not ;-) I've used a 4mm hook and 8 ply acrylic. Jen

  8. Hmmm..... I would probably say I crochet firmly as I know others who crochet tighter than myself. I find it is better to crochet firmer as the stitches will stretch over time. 8ply can be very deceiving, some are more like 6ply and others are like 10ply. I've just measured the squares I've done and they are 15cm, however the blue/mauve is thicker wool and is more like 16cm, but it will be fine when I sew it together

  9. Hooray I have done it again....this time the centre is done with a 3.5mm hook and then the rest done on a 4mm hook it is 16cm finished :-) Let me know your address Jane if you are the one sewing it together or I am posting a parcel to Sue if you want me to include it in that?? Which country is the finished blanket going to be in?? cheers Jen :-)

  10. Hey Jen, Thanks for your interest and entering the competition. I have emailed you privately with my address. I'm hoping there will be enough squares sent for a blanket each in Australia and England!
    maybe a 3.5cm hook for all 8 rows will produce 15cm/6" square. I can't wait to see your square!

  11. What was your grandmother's name? I would name it for her (i.e. my grandmother's were Esther & Marian so if this were mine & I was honoring one of them it would be Esther's square or Marian's square).

  12. How about "Joyce's Violet Garden" or "Joyce's Garden Violets" or "Granny Joyce's Violets" ?
    I know I was only asked for one suggestion but couldn't decide myself LOL. Hope to make one or more squares in the next week or two for your blanket.

  13. yes Jenny that was my problem, being a Libra I can tend to have problems deciding between lots of choices. It was just a bit of fun to hold a competition. I have some still coming, so will have to wait for them to arrive. will keep you posted