Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stitch and Beach

Wow, what a great idea. 
A Caribbean knitting cruise! Especially with the Aussie Dollar doing so well.
I think I could do with a change of scenery and some relaxation at the moment. 
Looks like a great way to get rid of those cobwebs, hang out with like-minded people, hopefully get some inspiration and great shopping done too. Organised by Debbie Stoller from Stitch n Bitch/Happy Hooker fame check out the websites and
Maybe we should all leave hints for our significant others when they ask about our christmas wishlist. I'm off to buy  lotto ticket. 


  1. Ahh the Caribbean looks fabulous! count me in!

  2. Can I come too please? I need a break....
    jane, i've sent you a mail.
    Hope it helps.
    Love suex

  3. Sure Sue,
    Maybe we could have a SIBOL cruise!!!
    no wonder you need a break, i was showing my DH your blog last night and told him when you started and how many blankets you have put together. it must be about one a week. Give yourself a pat on the back and i hope you have a great christmas