Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Melbourne Trip

I have been on holidays for the last 2 weeks.
No crochet done as i sprained a muscle in my shoulder on day 1.
we travelled by car to melbourne, a 10 hour drive for us, visited Wangaratta, Ballarat then Geelong for the World Cycling Championships. This is a pic of the racing in Geelong, you can see the Flanders Feathers Flag, big screen, results board 50m from the finish line. The crowd was small this day, but were friendly and having lots of fun.
I had an awesome time, didn't like the weather in Ballarat, this picture was when it was hailing. But after we left, we saw a rainbow, so that uplifted our spirits.

We caught trams most days, strolled down Chapel street. I did a lot of walking while we were away. This is some shops in Toorak Rd that were close to our hotel.

 On the way home we went via Bendigo and Euchuca and stayed in Wodonga. There are some beautiful buildings in Bendigo, this is a close up showing the details of the information centre, which used to be a court.
I think these photos were taken just out of Echeuca? I can't remember, anyway we were shocked and surprised to see this as we were driving along.

Last time we made this trip was January 2009 and it was dry from Goulburn, right down to outskirts of Melbourne, about 7 hours of driving through dry brown fields, very depressing. This time we were pleasantly surprised with the greenery that was along the whole route, along with the beautiful bright yellow Canola fields. This pic shows how huge the wind turbines are, just monstrous.

 i bought a new camera before we left and i was very happy with the photos it took while driving at 110km! It's also the same camera that i did the butterfly video on.
P.S. I'm hoping to get back crocheting soon.


  1. It looks lovely. Go glad that you had a good time and shared some of it with us. =}

  2. Thanks for the tour and I sure hope you are not in too much pain...ouch!

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos.
    Oh dear I hope its not effecting you too much!
    Hugs Suex

  4. Nice photos! Love the old buildings and the landscape around Echuca. Shame about your shoulder but maybe you were meant to have a break from crocheting :)
    Look forward to seeing some more photos taken with your new camera!