Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crochet and travelling

In mid May we packed our household up and hit the road to travel Australia again.
We are now North of the Tropic of Capricorn in Queensland
We are escaping the Southern winter and have been enjoying
the lovely warm days that are 10-15 deg warmer than NSW.
We've just visited Bowen where the big mango is and
also where Baz Luhrmann shot the movie Australia.
My crocheting has slowed down as there is more humidity here.
I'm hoping I can overcome that by switching to making squares
rather than crocheting with a growing blanket on my lap.
The last few months I've been enjoying making blankets by
Designer Frank O'Randle and using my ice yarn.
I've made a pink and white set using magic light ice yarn shade #22021
The blanket is Rings of change by Frank O'Randle
I've Stretched it further by adding matching white and dark pink yarn.
The jacket is another magic sweater with a matching crochet beanie.
This set was given to the charity "knitting for northern rivers needy" in Coraki NSW

I decided To try another Frank O'Randle pattern called mini galaxy of change,
I had to learn new stitches, thank goodness for YouTube.
It's become my new favourite, the first I made was with Ice Yarn Dancing Baby
In white camel and blue, shade # 24560 with a 4.5mm hook, the 1st ball ran out 3/4 around round 22
And the 2nd ball finished at end of round 31,
then I used complementary shades from white to dark blue to finish.
This was also gifted to the knit 4 northern rivers needy charity

Next I made another using rainbow colours which I think looks very effective


  1. Like your style Jane - how I would have loved to escape from winter this year !! Your crochet is lovely - the Ice yarn is a real winner and your two mini galaxy blankies are gorgeous. Are you planning to head west for next weekend? xox

  2. Beautiful work Jane, the young mums and the womens refuge loved your gifted work....