Saturday, February 22, 2014

Square and Ripple Blankets

I thought I would share some blankets I made for my local Nursing Home.
I worked on them while spending some time keeping a friend company
while she was in hospital having tests done.
I'm happy with them and enjoyed making them, it made a change from making squares
and joining them. I even had a hospital staff member ask me where I got the pattern.
I got the inspiration from a scottish lady who donated one to SIBOL
The pattern is called Square and Ripple and can be found on Ravelry.
This is the first one, made from wool in my stash. I found the fill in rounds a bit fiddly to get right.
This is the second one, made in pastels, all from my stash except the pale green.
The fill in rounds were easier to work out but I found I had to fudge it a bit to on the blue rounds.

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  1. Very clever Jane. Interesting and different. I'm sure they will be loved by the recipient. X